Training – we train you to understand your rights under the code – the law is there to protect you. Consultancy, support and guidance – we provide ongoing support to ensure your teams keep on top of the code – using the very latest in technology and tailored mobile apps. To make the most of your relationships, we make sure the we solve your problems.  Helping to take the risk out of investing for growth.
Issues spotting – we leverage our unrivalled supermarket GSCOP experience to help spot issues and make recommendations where there is room from improvement across your business – we’ve been there, done that.


Conflict resolution – we help you to resolve any disputes you have with your supermarket customers – enabling you to maintain healthy relationships, while still protecting and growing your business.


We actually care – unlike some consultancies or training providers are inspired by creating a level playing field. With our combined and unbeatable experience and knowledge.


We’ve harnessed technology to help you keep informed, spot opportunities to improve your business, and save you money.


We know how supermarkets think, how they operate, and how best to deal with them to keep them onside, while standing your ground. Our track record speaks for itself, but don’t just take our word for it.
Our Gscop training provides almost instant payback – literally in re-payments from supermarkets who have breached the code. We average a 4x payback on your training investment.


Our training and follow up consultancy actively helps level the playing field between buyer and seller. Understanding the code is half the battle, understanding supermarkets is the other half. How they think, why they behave like they do, and which buttons you can press to reach the right outcomes while maintaining a sustainable relationship without the fear of retribution.